Kit 4 ITP TERRACROSS and 4 Mags Vision 393 (Option Tires Studs)

Quick Overview

ITP Terracross on brand new Vision 393
•The already successful TerraCross R/T tire is now even tougher 
•Extreme Duty construction translates into an extra sidewall ply along with increased sidewall and tread rubber thickness for even better puncture protection 
•Special rubber compound is constructed of an extended-wear formula for incredibly long tread life 
•14” tires are UTV rated at 1,000-lb. maximum load capacity per tire at 12 psi; 12” tires are now also UTV rated 
•Features exceptional traction and flotation due to interlocking nondirectional tread pattern and wide footprint 
•Radial construction makes for better control and smoother riding 
•Wraparound shoulder lugs protect sidewall and offer great traction when riding on rutted trails 
•6-ply rating

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