CLICK N GO 2 Plow System Side By Side

Quick Overview

The double pivot point enhances the performance of the Click ‘N’ Go2 system thanks to the 75% improvement in lift height, making it easier to use and more supple. Furthermore, using the pedals, the driver can deactivate the latch without leaning over and change the plow angle. A handle has also been added on the plow for easy handling. And to further enhance performance, a new quick hitch system helps mount the plow easily on the vehicle in 15 seconds. 
Universal mount plate – 60-75% of ATV’s
More compact mount system reduces ground clearance loss
Maximum lift height over 16’’ compared with a standard 8-10’’ plow
Very easy to handle. Clever pedal system avoids leaning over to handle the plow
Can be easily installed in 15 seconds
Several plow sizes available (50’’, 60’’, 66’’)
Higher blade pivot point for more efficient use
Wider plow bracing for more rigidity
More compact plow system (overall dimensions reduced)
Innovative and unique design

Step #1 - Order push tube (P/N 373950)
Step #2 - Select plow blade
Step #3 - Select any optional items
Step #4 - Select model-specific mounting plate
Includes UTV mount plate 
Includes  frame CLICK N GO2  number  373970


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