3.5 GALLON FuelpaX

Quick Overview


Have you ever been out and needed extra fuel? Are your current fuel cans leaking? It doesn't matter what you have. Jeep, Nissan, Yamaha, side by side, ATV, UTV, snow sled, motorcycle, trailer, Honda, Polaris, RZR... No matter what you drive, and if it needs fuel- FuelpaX should be the first fuel pack you think of. 

The size of the pack is 21.25"x14"x4.5".

Those packs are individually pressure tested and manufactured 100% in the USA by American workers, ensuring a quality, leak free product. Our goal is to provide you with a product unlike any other fuel pack maker.

FuelpaX comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty!

If you are ready for a unique product, and an item that will stand up to the test of time- it's right here. 

The Fuelpax line of containers do not stack on top of each other by design, so we do not recommend stacking of Fuelpax.

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